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Your greatest Asset

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Your workers are your greatest asset, with their skills talents and energy to produce your products. How you take care of their health & safety, ensuring they have training and safe working conditions, receive decent payment all reflect on the quality of your product and longterm have impact on the profit of your company.

There are many stakeholders offering services to help with workers rights and grievance procedure are you aware which one is best for your situation and what your responsibility is? With the new requirements on Living Wages and Ring Fencing Policy, brands have to ensure they are doing it right. Social & Ethical is a whole area in its own right and often falls under HR as a functions but it is part of a holistic approach to sustainability for a company that wishes to upgrade it operations to a new level of best practice.

It is common practice for makers of quality products to take good care of their workers, it will be interesting to see which brands are able to keep going and which fall by the wayside as this no longer is an option but a legal requirement.

The BWA Fashion Covid Commitments requested brands to report on how they had provided for their workforce during the pandemic and the were assessed on their responses. We are seeing the ramping up of exposure of failure to comply with these independent campaigns which have high visibility on social media and serious consequences for brands who don't respond.

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