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Change for Good

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Changing from what we know to something totally new creates work at first so we tend to avoid it for as long as possible.

Those who have built their brands on sustainable principles have been going from strength to strength whilst legislation and consumer demand are applying more pressure to adopt the new standards on fast fashion and conventional brands to go green.

It's actually not so difficult once we ask suppliers many have already been developing organic and sustainable options to some of our staple base cloths as they realised this is where the future of fashion flies.

The question of price.

These are the options, to go down "the less is more route", where we start to focus on top end organic and sustainable fabrics with quality production which utilises the latest technology, or we make smaller steps and rely on educating our customer base and introduce a new line while slowly phasing out the old. Or we recycle fabrics to create a totally new textile or create a circular model and up-cycle styles and we sell our pre-loved garments.

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